Saturday, August 12, 2017

The adventure continues!  Here we GO!

First, let me apologize for my emotional last post.  I wasn't upset at any one thing, just unable to avoid the situation I was in.  OK, here is what happened:

The roads got even worse than you can imagine.  They have 2 mile long sections that wash out.  They build a huge gravel road around the repair area, and everybody drives on that.  There is a pilot truck that leads everyone through.  This is just one type of problem driving up here.  These road are all gravel and potted like all hell.  Jolting every shock to its core and gravel rocks kicking up underneath.  Hence, I GOT A busted radiator from it.  There is 50+ miles of this...good luck.

The next one is what everybody is calling "frost heaves".  I will call them "damage everything you have roads".  Imagine this obstacle.  How would you approach it?  4 speed "humps", a bathtub-sized pothole and 3 sink-size potholes, followed by 3 speed "bumps", and then a living room-sized sinkhole that is 8 inches deep?  You stop 100%.  CRAWL (inch by inch) the entire truck and trailer over it till the other side....right?  YOU CAN'T.  You are going 35-40MPH...and WHAM it is right there.  I was skidding the tires trying to stop for these.  THERE IS 500 MILES OF THESE ROADS.  Are you going to go 5mph the entire way?  The traffic behind you isn't.  The semi-trucks certainly are not.  They will push you out of the way.

Take the ferry if you come up here.  Just do not drive these roads.

This is how harsh it is out here folks.  This is a family dog which was left/lost out here.  It was licking dried blood from a road-kill, and could barely move.  It was almost dead from starvation.  I could see a dog collar on it.  Truly sad, harsh, and a moral question of what to do.  I thought it was a small bear when I took these photo's.

 Things are back on track!  I am HERE in ALASKA!

Truck is "mostly" fixed.  I am at an RV park right down the road to the new property.  I have inspected the property and will be signing papers today, to acquire it in about a week.


HAL is doing laundry

HAL has finished a load of laundry and still has 547 hrs of energy.  Wow.😂


  1. I am so happy for you. Kept checking on your Blog several times a day wondering how you are. Good to see you are back on track. Keep it more surprises!!

  2. Great news - well done in "getting there". Look forward to pics of the site.

  3. Thank you for the support everyone. I got the land and will be posting pics and videos

  4. Congrats on getting the land. Looking forward to the pics/videos.